Do more together!

I am a community organizer…

  • Manage members, organize with groups and control privacy, BuddyDo simplifies day-to-day administration so you can focus on your cause.
  • Tasks, polls, events, notes, files, photos, group chat and much more! An expanding tools library that makes engaging volunteers easy and fun.
  • Share your community activities and events, bring together supporters that share your passion.

I am a nonprofit supporter…

  • Explore - Find nonprofits that share your passion in your neighborhood or across the globe.
  • Follow - Stay up to date with activities and events from nonprofits you follow.
  • Participate - Join nonprofits to take part in discussions, decisions, activities and events.



All the activities related to you at a glance.


Work together on shared tasks, track who is responsible and send reminders.


Create community-wide or group-specific events, invite members and track RSVP.


Gather feedback or make group decisions with open and secret voting options.


Conveniently uploaded and share file within your community.

Cross-Platform Services

BuddyDo is for all types of communities

Education, children, youth, community, health, environment, human & civil rights, arts & culture, faith, animals and more!