BuddyDo Network has Arrived!

When we first envisioned BuddyDo being an integrated platform for internal team collaboration, we aimed to provide the best well-rounded team collaboration app for the nonprofit organizations. As we steadily refine and improve BuddyDo’s features, our customers voiced that they needed a platform with similar functions that would facilitate cross-company collaboration.

With extensive planning and many trials and errors, today, we are glad to announce the feature you’ve all been waiting for is here. A cross-company collaboration platform with every feature intact for cross-community synergies, we dub it the “BuddyDo Network”!

BuddyDo Network
BuddyDo Network operates the same as your internal community counterpart. To access it, you need to click on the “Community Selection Menu” and select “BuddyDo Network”. From here, you need to use the search bar to find your contacts and befriend them. Once they are in your buddy list, you can use all the features from the toolbox to collaborate with them. Keep in mind though, if you have multiple contacts from different companies, it’s best to create different groups for each one of them to avoid accidentally divulging sensitive information.


This feature comes from the idea of our fans and customers. Thanks to you guys we are able to make BuddyDo an even better team collaboration platform, and each day forward we’ll strive to improve our app to provide you with the best BuddyDo experience possible!


Google Play (Android): BuddyDo 4.1.19 and above
App Store (iOS): BuddyDo 4.1.19 above

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